2018 Summer Internship Opportunity

Marine Mammals of Maine (MMoME) is a non-profit organization federally authorized to respond to live and dead marine mammals and sea turtles between Kittery and Rockland, Maine. MMoME covers some of the busiest seal stranding coastline, totaling nearly 300 live and dead animals annually. MMoME operates a pinniped triage and rehabilitation center. Our mission also heavily encompasses research, education and outreach, and is dedicated to raising awareness about marine mammals and environmental conservation.

MMoME is seeking 6 motivated, flexible and independent interns for the months of May through August, or May through October. Interns and volunteers are critical in fulfilling our mission, and are given the unique opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.

The internship is based out of midcoast Maine (Harpswell), though travel throughout our response region and the Northeast will be necessary.

Interns must be adaptable and comfortable with an unpredictable and changing work environment as stranding response and patient care frequently change. Interns will be required to dedicate a minimum of 40-50 hours per week to the internship, and work holidays and weekends.

This internship is unpaid, though seasonal job opportunities are available in the area.


Internship Tasks and Responsibilities

Stranding Response

Respond to live and dead cetacean and pinniped strandings to collect Level A data, perform health assessments, and monitor, relocate, collect for humane euthanasia, or rescue as triage and rehabilitation resources allow. Carcass collection for disposal or necropsy will also be required.

Animal Care

Assist with all aspects relating to the care of sick, injured and abandoned pinnipeds undergoing short-term, or long-term care at our center. Tasks range from meal prep, tube-feeding, assisting with medical procedures, animal restraint for exams, running lab samples, medical record maintenance, cleaning, and transport to long-term care facilities.


Assist with necropsy of fresh dead pinnipeds and cetaceans, and transport carcasses to partner organizations.

Education & Outreach

Give presentations to the public about the organization, attend outreach events, and help create educational materials.

Independent Project

Each intern will design an independent project relating to education/outreach, a research project using MMoME data, social media/technology/graphic design, or other aspects of marine mammal response, care or non-profit work.

Other Tasks

Additional time during this internship will be spent on data entry, fundraising, maintenance of the triage center, and other tasks as needed.


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    The internship is open to undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in, or recently graduated (within 2 years) from an accredited college or university (this internship is not yet designed for those pursuing DVM degrees).

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    The ideal candidate is working towards a career in marine mammal science, veterinary technology, pre-veterinary, marine biology, environmental education, or other related fields.

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    Must commit to at least three months, and be available from May 15– August 15, or October 15. MUST be able to start no later than May 21st, 2018.

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    Must have a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and comfortable driving a full size truck in urban and rural areas.

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    Must be able to work independently and as part of a team, and be adaptable to a changing and unpredictable schedule.

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    Individuals that are passionate, responsible, hardworking, eager to learn, flexible, able to work under little supervision, and detail oriented are encouraged to apply.

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    Preference given to individuals with a demonstrated interest in marine mammals, and are specifically interested in marine mammal response, rescue, and care. Previous marine mammal experience or animal husbandry a plus.

How to Apply:

MMoME's 2018 summer internship program is no longer receiving applications. 

MMoME will begin accepting applications for the 2019 summer internship program in early January of 2019. We look forward to receiving your application then.