Marine Mammals of Maine

Our Mission

To provide response, assistance and care for stranded marine animals and to work collaboratively with similar organizations to aid in the protection and support of marine animals as defined by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

To provide public education about marine animals and the environment.

To sustain our mission, we ask for your help.

We rely almost entirely on private donations to support annual operating costs.

Without generous and compassionate donors, marine mammal response in southern and mid-coast Maine would not exist.


We respond to ~300 marine mammal strandings annually. Did you know that it takes...

$55 in fuel to dispatch to a stranding location

$350 for our team to respond to one stranded marine mammal

$290 to transport a seal from our triage center to the nearest rehab center

$8,000 to care for one seal for the length of its rehabilitation

Our Work in Action

See how we respond to whale, dolphin, porpoise, seal, and sea turtle strandings throughout southern and mid-coast Maine.

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