Maine Marine Animal Reporting Hotline: (800) 532-9551

Remain at least 150 feet away from all marine mammals.
Approaching, touching or harassing them is not only illegal, but can lead to stress, injury, and abandonment!

Call MMoME Immediately

The sooner MMoME is notified of the stranded animal, the sooner our trained, experienced volunteers can be dispatched to perform health assessments, and our staff can take subsequent actions required.

Use the 24/7 Maine Marine Mammal Reporting Hotline, 1-800-532-9551, and be prepared to provide the hotline dispatcher with detailed information as to where the seal is located, approximate size of the animal, and any obvious signs of illness or injury.

Help Keep Other People and Pets Away

Resting or stranded marine mammals can attract a lot of attention and result in crowding, handling, or other dangerous and harmful interactions.

Your assistance in keeping other beach goers and their pets a safe distance away until the Response Team arrives is greatly appreciated!

Stay at Least 150 Feet Away

Seals that are continually approached do not get a chance to rest. Returning an exhausted animal to the ocean could be fatal. Continued disturbance of mother/pup pairs could lead to the abandonment and subsequent mortality of the pup.

Harassment Warning Signs

When your presence causes increased vocalization, movement back into the water, or when your behavior changes their behavior.

Do Not Touch the Animal

All Marine Mammals are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It is illegal to touch, feed, disturb, or harass marine mammals. Violators can be arrested and/or fined.

Keep Pets on a Leash

Inquisitive dogs can startle a resting seal causing an aggressive, defensive response, that can injure your pet and/or the seal. In addition to possible injury, diseases can be transmitted between stranded animals, pets and humans.

Do Not Pour Water On a Seal, Cover It, Or Attempt To Move It Back Into the Water

It is normal for seals to come ashore to rest and be dry. Seals are semi aquatic animals, meaning they naturally only spend part of their time in the water. They do not ever need to be wet.

Seals and seal pups rest on shore - Do NOT disturb them - It's the law!

Harbor Seal Pup Season

April, May & June - learn more

Special Considerations for Stranded Whales or Dolphins

Unlike seals, whales, porpoises, and dolphins are completely out of their element when on land. Such an event almost always indicates a more serious health problem. 

The process of stranding alone can be catastrophic for a cetacean, even for an animal that has simply lost its way.

As a result, a cascade of physiological changes occurs resulting in shock and ultimately death. It is imperative that stranded whales, porpoises, and dolphins be given proper supportive care as soon as possible.

Please call the hotline number at 1-800-532-9551 in order to mitigate this process.