Pick up for the Pups

National Oceans Month, an annual celebration of the oceans that cover 70% of the planet, takes place each June. To celebrate this month we've established our Pick up for the Pups campaign and we hope you’ll participate! We’re encouraging you to join us in helping to keep marine mammals safe and healthy by preventing unnecessary debris from entering our waterways and oceans. Over the years, we have responded to, cared for, and documented a number of marine mammals that have been harmed by trash floating in the ocean, or left on the beach. While those situations are always especially tough, the good news is we can easily prevent pups (and other wildlife!) from being impacted by trash! You can participate no matter where you are and we want you to report the bags you collect to us. We’ve got fun rewards for the most bags collected and the most unusual item found!

How to Participate

Pick Up!

Get family and friends together and pick up refuse. Whether you’re at a favorite coastal location or not each item properly disposed of is helping to keep marine mammals safe. You can participate in this family-friendly activity no matter where you live!


Use the hashtag #pickupforthepups to share your pictures. We can't wait to see where you're cleaning up or your unusual finds. We might share them out with the MMOME community!

Let us Know

We want to hear from far and wide how many bags of trash were removed from the environment as a result of our collective effort. Report your results to us using this form.

Get Sponsored

This is not a requirement to participate, but this is a great way to get others involved with your campaign. Supporters can pledge their support for each 10 gallon bag collected. Make a copy of this form and collect responses.

Thank you for helping to protect wildlife by keeping debris out of our oceans. Every piece you remove has a huge impact. We can’t wait to see your results!