Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference at Marine Mammals of Maine. Here is how far your donation, whether on its own or grouped with others will go.

  • $30 fuels our response team's travel to a stranding site
  • $50 covers the fish supply for a typical juvenile harp seal for ten of its rehabilitation days in our center
  • $150 pays for medications for two rehabilitated seals in our care
  • $3000 buys a satellite tag, which will help us understand more about seals' behaviors and habitat
  • $8000 funds a seal's care from admit to our center to release.

Donate Online

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Monthly donations offer stable revenue throughout the year and allow us to respond quickly to needs as they arise. You can join our pod of monthly donors by selecting the monthly option on our donation form.

Send a check

Mail a check to P.O. Box 751 Bath, ME 04530

Matching Opportunities

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Unrestricted donations allow us to use funding where it is most urgently needed, but if you’d like to designate funding to a specific program please note that at the time of donation. Thank you!