Every donation, no matter the size, makes a difference at Marine Mammals of Maine. Here is how far your donation, whether on its own or grouped with others will go.

  • $30 fuels our response team's travel to a stranding site
  • $50 covers the fish supply for a typical juvenile harp seal for ten of its rehabilitation days in our center
  • $150 pays for medications for two rehabilitated seals in our care
  • $300 is the cost for us to get histopathology results for one case to better understand diseases impacting marine mammals
  • $1,000 restocks our blood diagnostic test kits for about one month
  • $3,500 buys a satellite tag, which will help us understand more about seals' behaviors and habitat
  • $8,000 funds a seal's care from admit to our center to release.

Unrestricted donations allow us to use funding where it is most urgently needed, but if you’d like to designate funding to a specific program please note that at the time of donation. Thank you!

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