Vision for the Future

In 2022 MMoME's Board began a strategic planning process to outline our goals for the next five years. Adopted in January 2023, the strategic plan is comprised of four goals that we are working to achieve by the end of 2027. We're going to need a wide community of supporters with different skills and resources to meet these goals. If you'd like to help, check out our volunteer opportunities, make a donation, or contact Katy Green with your ideas.


Goal 1

A comprehensive plan is in place to maintain financial stability throughout the next phase of MMoME’s future.

Katie and Lexi cetacean response

Goal 2

Grow organizational capacity for marine mammal response in order to sustain marine mammal populations in a region facing emerging threats to ocean health.

Nebulizer Cutie

Goal 3

Phase one construction is underway on a new facility that will enable us to grow our capacity for animal care and public education in response to the increased need for pinniped triage and rehabilitation in the Northeast US.

Tagged Seal in the Water

Goal 4

Position MMoME as go-to partners for pinniped research taking place on the East Coast.