Our Case Stories

Yearling Harbor Seal, Southport

Yearling Harbor Seal Soutport_2

In March of 2016, a caring individual called the hotline to report a young seal on their dock in Southport, Maine. A nearby volunteer responder was dispatched to assess the animal, and found a deep entangling line wrapped tightly around the young harbor seal’s neck. If left untreated, as the seal grew the line would…Continue Reading

Juvenile Pilot Whale, Cundy’s Harbor

Juvenile Pilot Whale Cundys Harbor 1

The day after Christmas, 2014, MMoME responded to a live juvenile pilot whale. This species lives in large pods, and solo individuals are rare. Any live cetacean (whale, dolphin or porpoise) stranded out of water is a life-threatening situation. MMoME’s cetacean response team quickly arrived on-scene, and found the 9 foot whale laying on his…Continue Reading